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Hellenic Scholarships Foundation

These awards are to honour and to award students of Hellenic origin attending institutions of higher learning in Quebec who excel in their studies. Through the awarding of scholarships and honourable distinctions, the recipients are encouraged in their difficult but gratifying journey, and they become models for others who follow in their footsteps.

The Aboriginal Bursaries Website

Is a searchable list of bursaries, scholarships and incentives across Canada, offered by governments, universities and colleges, private and public companies, individual Canadians, organizations and others. The majorities of awards on this list are targeted d

West Island Black Community Association Scholarship

The applicant must be a resident of Pierrefonds, Roxboro, Ile Bizard, Dollard des Ormeaux, Kirkland, Beaconsfield, or Pointe Claire. Involved in your community, studying science or technology. Graduating and going to university in the fall.

CIBPA-Canadian Italian Business and Professionals Association

For a full time university student who is a Canadian citizen, recognized resident of the province of Québec and of Italian origin. Must have achieved a high grade-point average in the previous year of studies as indicated by the transcript and have clearly indicated in his file that financial assistance via a CIBPA bursary would be of direct benefit.

Victor Phillips Award

The applicant must be a black student 20 years old or younger in any Cegep program, a resident of Montreal and have achieved excellence in the performing arts.

Rev. Dr. Charles H. Este Scholarship and Bursary Fund

Eligible students must have on-going contribution(s) to the Black Community. For members of the Black Community who are members or friends of the Union United Church. Applicants must have be a full-time student and have a satisfactory academic record. office@unionunitedchurchmtl.ca

Lebanese Canadian Heritage Association Scholarship

Applicant must be a full-time Cegep student of Lebanese descent. Student must show financial need and above average grades

B.A.S.F Jackie Robinson Career Scholarship

For a member of the Black Community, full-time student, having completed 1 year of Cégep in a professional or technology program, Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident. Applicant must have a sound academic standing and community involvement.

B.A.S.F. Jackie Robinson Health Sciences or Nursing Scholarship

For a member of the Black Community, full-time student, having completed 3 semesters of Health Science or 5 semesters in Nursing, Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident. Have satisfactory academic standing, community involvement and financial need.

Quebec Black Medical Association

Fund grants for black students from deprived economic or cultural backgrounds to pursue studies in the medical sciences; and provide grants to black students who have demonstrated leadership, past or potential academic achievements, community or extra-curricular involvement, allowing them to pursue studies in the medical sciences.

The National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation Fine Arts Bursary Awards Program

For aboriginal students in eligible fields of study: all areas related to the visual, performing, media, graphic and literary arts. Selection based on demonstrated financial need, evidence of involvement and contribution to Aboriginal community, evidence of suitability and commitment to field of study, academic merit and performance, talent and skill level demonstrated in work sample.

RBC Aboriginal Student Awards Program

Status, non-status, Inuit and Métis students. For entering or current students. Final selection of the award recipients primarily based on personal and academic achievements and individual financial need.

Black Business & Professional Association National Scholarships

Various awards with different criteria (some for Arts & Science, Business Admin, Social Services and many for any full-time program) available to African Canadian students.

Rose Nolan Scholarship Fund

Each year scholarship awards are handed out that will assist First Nations women in their educational and training aspirations and enable aboriginal youth of today, to become leaders of tomorrow.

Husky Aboriginal Education Award

Bursaries awarded to Aboriginal students who strive to achieve greater career success by pursuing education. Students must be of Aboriginal ancestry, in need of financial assistance and affiliated with a community in close proximity to Husky operations, and possess satisfactory academic qualifications, with preference given to disciplines relevant to the petroleum industry.

Canadian Aboriginal Arts Challenge

Aboriginal Canadian between the ages of 14-29. Showcase your talent and creativity, and have your work reviewed by the foremost Aboriginal artists! You could win cash prizes and even have your work exhibited in a gallery! You must have created a piece art with an Aboriginal theme.

Canadian Aboriginal Writing Challenge

You must be Aboriginal and aged between 14-29 and have created a short story with Aboriginal theme(s).

Ukrainian Resource and Development Centre

For a project that fosters awareness of Ukrainian art in Alberta and a scholarship to pursue further studies in the field of Ukrainian choral or vocal music. chumera@macewan.ca

The Canada Post Aboriginal Education Incentive Awards

Celebrates the hard work and determination of Aboriginal people who have overcome personal, economic or social adversity in their pursuit of learning.

Explore Canada from A to Z

A competition is open to all Vietnamese high school students who want to learn about, explore, and experience Canada.

The Associazione Casacalendese Bursary

Three bursaries of $1,500.00 for scholastic achievement for students of Italian descent.

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