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Ombudsperson: Michele Pallett
Local: 1191   Office: 2E.7-2

The role of the Dawson Ombudsperson is to help ensure that all Dawson students receive fair and equitable treatment within the College system. The Ombudsperson provides an independent and confidential service and is empowered to investigate complaints as well as facilitate or negotiate solutions.

Neutrality and Impartiality

The Office of the Ombudsperson works independently of the College. It is committed to adhering to a standard of neutrality. This means that the staff will:

  • treat everyone seeking an appointment the same way: first come, first served;
  • try to listen to every party with the same attention and respect;
  • not believe one party and not another, just because of their rank or status in the institution;
  • have no stake in the outcome. (An ombudsperson is an advocate for a fair process, not an advocate for an individual or for the institution)
  • be mindful of possible conflicts of interest

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