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Science Programs

The Science Program offers three regular science profiles of study which qualifies students for admission to University.  

Two-year Profiles

In addition to being in one of the science profiles, a science student may also be in:

  • First Choice Science: an enriched version of the Science Program to which outstanding students are invited to join.

Developmental/Explorations Science is a one-year program preparing students for entry into Dawson College's Science Program.

One-year Programs

Career/Technical Programs

Three-year career or technical programs will prepare you to enter the workforce in their chosen field, although many students in these programs choose to go onto univesity for further study. To do this, you may have to take additional courses to qualify for university, and in some cases, students are given credit for the extra work they did in a career program.

When you are ready to make this decision, it’s best to consult with an academic adviser.

Medical Studies

Three-year Career Programs

Engineering Technologies

Three-year Career Programs

General Education

To graduate from Dawson College, every student must take General Education or Core courses in:

English French Humanities Physical Education

Additional Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate, students must complete and pass:

For more information on Graduation Requirements, please click here.

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