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Pre-University Studies

Students in the two-year pre-university program go on to further study at the university level.


Social Science gives you the opportunity to follow the General Social Science profile, or concentrate on one of eight other specialized profiles: International Business, Commerce, Child Studies, Psychology, Law, Society and Justice, North-South Studies, Travel and Tourism, or Environmental Studies.

Liberal Arts is an honours pre-university program with carefully constructed curriculum composed of required courses and seminars. The program emphasizes wide and critical reading, and the effective expression of thought in writing and oral argument.

There are also two specialized areas of study:


Career/Technical Programs

Three-year career or technical programs will prepare you to enter the workforce in their chosen field, although many students in these programs choose to go onto univesity for further study. To do this, you may have to take additional courses to qualify for university, and in some cases, students are given credit for the extra work they did in a career program.

When you are ready to make this decision, it’s best to consult with an academic adviser.

Social and Business Technologies:


General Education

To graduate from Dawson College, every student must take General Education or Core courses in:




Physical Education

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