Dawson College is downtown, it is big, it is fun, it has great programs and great teachers. There is always a lot going on, with many activities to choose from that make up student life.

The College is easily accessible, linked directly underground to the Atwater Metro station. Above ground, the school sits on 12 acres of green space in the heart of Montreal. When the weather is nice, students use the grounds to play Frisbee or just read under a tree.

Dawson has been around a long time. It was the first English-language CEGEP when it started offering classes in 1969. Today, it is the largest CEGEP in Quebec.

Our size and experience means we can offer a lot of programs and interesting courses, plus we have an amazing library and gyms, and other facilities, like labs, fitness and combat rooms with the latest in technology and equipment.

Thousands of students have graduated from Dawson College over the last 37 years. Not only did they get a great education here and had a good time doing it, they have gone on to great careers, or on to university and then, to great careers.

We hope you will be one more.

Last Modified: July 23, 2014