Peer Tutor Zone

New Tutors

Before tutoring for the first time, tutors must take part in a tutor training workshop and hand in all required forms.



Returning Tutors

Returning tutors must continue to be in good standing to be eligible to tutor.
To continue tutoring this semester, print out the forms, fill them out again, and bring them to the Academic Skills Centre:

The Tutoring Session

Listen closely to work out the real problem
Check to see if the learner has prepared with some time and effort and attempted the assignments.

Assess the situation
Think in terms of realistic objectives;develop a “contract” of agreed upon learning outcomes and communications expectations (availability, one/several sessions;means of communication (face-to-face, e-mail, telephone, etc.).

Use questions to enhance problem solving

Demonstrate or model similar processes

Don’t be afraid to reveal that you don’t know something
You can refer the learner to more sources, including the teacher.
You can take the opportunity to learn/problem-solve, and bring back answers,
and demonstrate that you are in a learning process as well.

Give positive feedback, use encouraging vocabulary

Find success, and reinforce effort, in even minor accomplishment

Summarize and review

Enable follow up

Celebrate accomplishment!

Keep records for future reference

Tutor Policies

  • Each tutee is entitled to ten (10) hours of tutoring per subject throughout the semester. Tutees may ask for tutors for up to two subjects (excluding English).
  • We recommend that tutoring sessions last no longer than one (1) hour; the weekly maximum per tutee per subject is 2 hours (the maximum of ten hours per semester per subject still applies). Consult the Peer Tutoring Coordinator if you have any questions.
  • Tutoring must be done on campus during regular college hours
  • There is an obligation to keep appointments. If either party does not show up, try to reschedule. A second “no-show” (tutor or tutee) should be reported to the Academic Skills Centre
  • Tutors are not allowed to do homework or assignments or to give out their own class or lab notes. Let the Academic Skills Centre know if there is a problem in this area
  • Tutees should keep in touch with their class teachers for extra help
  • The Academic Skills Centre reserves the right to spot-check tutorials and conducts an on-going evaluation of the program

Additional Training

Foundations of Effective Tutoring is an online tutor training course for new tutors that has been developed for cegep students.

Last Modified: January 15, 2020