Bulletin Boards

Internal Postings

Any staff member or student wanting to post information on general bulletin boards (not departmental bulletin boards) must get them stamped by Campus Life & Leadership. The mention of Dawson College or the Dawson logo must appear on the ad. The bulletin boards near the escalators on the Upper and Lower Atrium levels and at the 5th floor, Sherbrooke Street entrance must be reserved through Campus Life & Leadership, rm 2E.6 at the counter.

External Postings

Postings for external events must be approved by Campus Life & Leadership and can only be posted on the External Bulletin Board located outside 2E.6 (one per event). There is a Student Classified Board in the 2C corridor at the corner of 2D where postings for sales of any kind can be put up. Proceed at your own risk as Campus Life & Leadership does not endorse these postings. In addition, postings for external tutors are no longer valid in the college unless endorsed by a specific department for their specific areas (i.e. Dawson College Pure and Applied or Math Departments). Any students wanting to tutor or be tutored can go to the Academic Skills Centre, rm 6D.2, on the second floor of the Library.

Used books and apartments/rooms for rent

Due to sheer volume, postings for used books and apartments/rooms for rent cannot be posted on bulletin boards around the College. Please see our Dawson Book Exchange or Sale Facebook Group and Housing Directory respectively.

Last Modified: July 27, 2016