Dawson College has prepared MELS-standardized lesson plans for Quebec high school teachers and education professionals to apply in their own teaching environments. These lesson plans are useful in the exploration of career-oriented programs at the CEGEP level and are intended for:

  • high school teachers who specialize in career development/POP
  • high school guidance counselors who would like to enrich their knowledge of career paths their students might take
  • any high school teacher who would like to broaden their field of knowledge

Student versions are also available for you to share with your students inquiring about their education choices once they leave high school and are ready to take on post-secondary education. Students may access them directly on each program page on the Dawson website that has a lesson plan linked to it.

This site is password-protected. If you would like access to the teacher lesson plans, please send an e-mail to careershowcase@dawsoncollege.qc.ca for the password.

Last Modified: October 2, 2015