Eweek Bio

Ariane Thibault

Social Media Strategist, Managing Partner

Ariane Thibault is a 27 years old Dawson Alumni, Social Media Strategist and Managing partner at the OVRGRND Social Media Agency.

Her role is to help brands take control of their web presence and present themselves in a way that inspires, impresses and solidifies customer loyalty. She helps Canadian businesses ramp up their visibility both locally and internationally using her expertise and creativity.

OVRGRND is ranked in the top 3 of Advertising agencies at threebestrated.ca and in 2014, Ariane won the Notable award for Best Social Media Practices in Quebec.

Ariane looks forward to taking her digital marketing business to new heights and educating businesses and entrepreneurs across North America about the best social media practices.

Last Modified: September 21, 2017