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    Christopher Olimpo

    Creative Director
    5th Wall Agency

    Chris Olimpo is a graduate of the Illustration and Design program. His stint as an Eweek volunteer three years ago changed the course of his career. Eweek brought Chris and Armando Gomez, the VP of advertising at Askmen.com together. Armando’s mentorship led Chris into the world of startups that landed him many opportunities to grow his career. His first immersion in the world of startups was as Art Director with Flatbook where he was part of a team of four. The company grew to 102 employees in just 6 months and reached 35 cities worldwide. Moving on to a career in advertising, he’s pitched and closed contracts with Universal Studios and is currently working on three major VR projects for two huge franchise films. He works closely with the Biz Dev and Production teams to develop pitches and bring them from ideas to final products, the road of every entrepreneur.

    He is currently building the creative team at the 5th Wall Agency – they produce ad campaigns in Virtual Reality (VR), 360 Video and Augmented Reality (AR)

    Producing Ad Campaigns and Creative Content for VR & AR. Notably Co-VR Director of Universal Pictures Cinematic VR Experience entitled:

    Fifty Shades Darker – The Masquerade Ball

    The Mummy – Zero Gravity Stunt in 360

    Last Modified: October 16, 2017