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Frantz Saintellemy

Engineer, Entrepreneur and philanthropist, President & CEO
Groupe 3737

Q-Links Inc., OMNI Global and SMGT Inc.

Réno-Metrix, iWeartech, BisB Mag, V Kosmetik, Pyraable Inc. and Capital Plus

Several of these companies are generating several millions of dollars in revenue and are recognized as innovators and leaders in their respective segments. Through the 3737, he has been responsible for creating significant business and technology activities in the St-Michel area. The 3737 now has more than 150 people full-time employees working in various high-tech sectors such as fintech, gaming, artificial intelligence, automation, sensors, semiconductors and various other connected fields.

Mr. Saintellemy was previously shareholder and President of ZMDI which was sold to IDT in December 2015 for $325M USD and has stayed on to carry on the integration as VP and General Manager of the Automotive and Industrial Division. With 21 years of experience, Frantz Saintellemy is an internationally recognized expert in the field of advanced technologies with several patents, innovations and startups. He sits on several boards and advisory committees including the Information, Communications and Technology Committee of the University of Montreal and the largest cluster of experts in Artificial Intelligence in the world. He is also an advisor to the Minister of Economy, Science and Innovation (MESI) to develop Quebec’s strategy for research and innovation (SQRI) as well as being a member of Aligo Innovation Investment Committee, an organization responsible for the valorization of Quebec university research.

Frantz is also an experienced public speaker with over 500 speeches & conferences on technology, entrepreneurship, leadership, and more recently on a new series called Competitive Fitness.

 “Passionate about Nike’s slogan: JUST DO IT! I believe that everything is possible. You just have to do it.
I apply this principle in everything I do in my life.”


Last Modified: September 29, 2017