Eweek Bio

Jean-Sebastien Siow

Co-founder & CEO

Jean-Sebastien, the co-founder and CEO of SUITABLEE was born from a Vietnamese mother and Chinese father. With a very traditional upbringing, Jean-Sebastien was given very few options when it came to paving his way forward in life. Jean-Sebastien had to be one of three options: (1) a doctor, (2) an engineer, or (3) a lawyer. The traditional engineering jobs just never felt like a perfect fit. However, as an engineer, one of the things that Jean-Sebastien noticed time and time again was that wherever he went – whether to South America, Asia, Europe, or the Middle East, people always wore suits. The practice was less common in Canada. There was a timeless opportunity to be a first mover in the formalwear space.

As Jean-Sebastien carved out his career after an MBA, he launched SUITABLEE along with his longtime friend/brother/business partner. SUITABLEE was launched with the purpose of dressing people in formalwear at an affordable price and while providing accessibility (no store/appointments in-home or in showroom/e-commerce). People were now able to digitally customize their suits and dress shirts to their liking. Jean-Sebastien used his engineering background to work with a team to develop state-of-the-art measuring technology through a combination of infrared, imaging technology and artificial technology to best sculpt pieces of garments.


Last Modified: October 25, 2018