Eweek Bio

Jennifer de Vera

Program Development
Dawson College Sustainability Office

Jenn has been an entrepreneur for 16 years. She founded and operated Ethan’s “Playground”, a successful Private Pre-school and Party Center that was named after her first son. After 16 years and seeing both her sons attend her center, Jenn left her business and entered an undergraduate program in Community Studies and plans to finish a Masters in Sustainability in the future. She decided to come to Dawson and worked in various sectors, including the Athletics dept., Campus Life & Leadership, the bookstore and now anchors the Sustainable Dawson movement at the College. Her present work involves coordinating volunteers, making sure the Dawson gardens are thriving, composting is implemented, honey bee and monarch programs are active and outreach is taking place in schools from pre-Kindergarten to universities. She also works with community centers. Jenn’s efforts are about reconnecting people, community and Nature. As an individual she models and is defining Dawson’s core value of well-being for all – well-being for ourselves, other people, other species and the natural environment.

Last Modified: October 31, 2018