Eweek Bio

Norma  Andreu

Illustrator / Entrepreneur
Cara Carmina

Norma Andreu is a Mexican female contemporary textile artist / illustrator, designer, artisan, and cultural events producer who didn’t finish university and is self-taught in most of the things she does. She is better known as Cara Carmina. Norma has lived in Montreal since 2009.  From drawing and sewing, to being an entrepreneur and a street artist, from branding herself on social media and selling her products on Etsy. Her work has found singular recognition in the Montreal art scene.  She says that “I always think that everything is possible as long as you are willing to work hard for it and you are passionate about it.  I want to have an extraordinary life and I’m willing to do extraordinary things to accomplish that.”   Young artists (or young artists at heart) who are still looking for their own space and style will find her story inspiring. She isn’t afraid of wearing multiple hats to keep her career as an autonomous artist afloat and above all she nurtures her passion for art.

Her work aims to portray the beauty of simple things; she tries to interpret the world in a whimsical, childlike way. What she enjoys the most is transforming simple elements — a piece of paper or a scrap of fabric — into something fantastic, giving life to different characters, telling stories, creating in a simple, yet beautiful way. Norma’s work is passionate, full of expression, imaginative and whimsical. It is both a reflection of her background and of her personality.

Last Modified: September 25, 2017