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    Pancho Mendiola

    Nest Coworking, Cancun, Mexico

    Entrepreneur and culture hacker., Pancho has implemented growth, social and environmental hacking in his own companies and helped other startups and enterprises realize the importance of the Triple Bottom Line in the future of our economy, society and the planet´s health.  Not all companies are focused solely on profits. Companies whose missions are strongly tied  social, environmental (or ecological) and financial success are said to be driven by the triple bottom line.

    Pancho Mendiola is a local resident and avid scuba diver, residing near Playa Del Carmen along the Yucatán Peninsula’s strip of Caribbean shoreline.  He and his wife Iliana Loza, a chemical engineer, have been researching the chemicals that go into making cosmetic products and its affects on humans and the ocean. Their findings link sunblock, shampoo and soap and the degradation of coral reefs. Personal care products are responsible for 3 million tons of waste dumped into the ocean globally each year. In Mexico, 6,000 tons of sunblock has been found on the beaches alone!

    According to Pancho, there are 100,000 hotel rooms in the Mayan Riviera area – one can only image how many tons of chemicals are making their way into the ocean. As Pancho reports, the water treatment facilities are poor, leaving behind a polluted the sea. Most of the owners of the hotel industry are multi-nationals from US and Europe and currently do not see the benefit of ocean safe options since naturally-derived products are typically 3 times the cost. The reality is, the MAR may be dead in less than 20 years without action from hotels and consumers alike. One hotel, Hotel Esencia has chosen to bring attention to this important issue by working with Pancho on using organic amenities and he hopes more will follow their lead.

    Last Modified: October 29, 2017