Eweek Bio

Sakchin Bessette

Co-Founder, Executive Creative Director
Moment Factory

Sakchin Bessette co-founded Moment Factory in 2001. His vision was to create a new media art studio that seamlessly merged content creation with an avant-garde use of technology. Trained in photography, he combines technological and artistic ingenuity with a passion for surpassing the boundaries of new media art.

Sakchin leads Moment Factory’s creative team of creative directors, multimedia directors, artistic directors, designers, concept artists, animators, editors, directors of photography and managers. Altogether, Moment Factory comprises more than 250 in-house employees plus dozens of project-based freelancers and subcontractors. Sakchin is actively involved in many of the studio’s projects, inspiring and directing teams to ensure that every production bears Moment Factory’s unique signature and exceptional standards.

Sakchin strives to tell stories in new and unexpected ways while engaging the public with new forms of entertainment on stages, in public spaces, museums and through immersive and interactive experiences. He has been the creative lead behind many of Moment Factory’s most prominent productions, most notably for the permanent installation at Los Angeles International Airport, Ode to Life on the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Madonna’s Super Bowl halftime show, and AURA at Montreal’s Notre-Dame Basilica.


Last Modified: October 26, 2017