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Meet MyVision Dawson’s founders!

Serena Drescher and Annouchka Tchiniaev have been working together on entrepreneurship projects and international relations conferences in 2014. Serena is a recent graduate from Dawson’s Law and Society program and was also a Model UN delegate during her senior year. She is currently working in business and preparing future projects for university. Annouchka is a current student at Dawson and also founded the Dawson Thrift Shop in support of children with cancer. Serena later supported her as her vice-president, and Annouchka’s project took home the regional prize of first place in Quebec’s Entrepreneurship Contest last spring. She was also a Model UN delegate and continues to be. MyVision Dawson’s executive associate is Denis Ouspenski, who has always supported the projects. He also demonstrated his strong involvement in the community by becoming the marketing director of The Talent, a talent show organized by Annouchka after which all the profits were donated to Leucan.

For more information please contact Anne Tchiniaev at annouchka@acn.net

Last Modified: January 28, 2015