Brand Guidelines

Maintaining a consistent visual identity through professional and cohesive communication materials helps Dawson College uphold its reputation as a leader in the educational sector. Please note that third party use of the College’s brand must be authorized by the Communications Office. Contact us if you have any questions about the guidelines below.


The Dawson logos are a critical element in the branding of Dawson College. Follow these simple guidelines to ensure the logos will be readable and consistent. EPS versions of the logos are available by request to the Communications Office.



Do not

  • Crowd the logo by putting it too close to other elements or to the edge
  • Rotate the logo, placing it vertically instead of horizontally
  • Alter the logo by adding or removing elements
  • Integrate the logo into another logo to form a new symbol
  • Stretch the logo horizontally or vertically
  • Scale the logo below 1.25 inches wide
  • Change the colour of the logo


The Dawson College colours ensure that the Dawson brand will be easily and instinctively recognizable in any material.


  • Print: c82 m40 y0 k0
  • RGB: r18 g131 b198
  • HEX: #1283C6


  • Print: c100 m82 y40 k34
  • RGB: r12 g50 b85
  • HEX: #0C3255


  • Print: c0 m0 y0 k0
  • RGB: r255 g255 b255


Core Typeface


Brandon is Dawson’s core typeface. It should be used for official Dawson documents or printed materials. The Bold, Regular and Medium Italic versions are preferred.

Web Typeface


For digital projects, the free Google Font Montserrat may be employed.

The Bold, Medium, Regular and Light versions are preferred.

Word, Outlook and PowerPoint Typeface

image_CalibriIn order to preserve formatting when sharing Microsoft files with others, use a system font like Calibri.


Dawson Departments looking to create video should adhere to the following Video Style Guide.Adobe After Effects working files for title cards, lower thirds, closing slates are available upon request to and with approval of the Communications Office.

Last Modified: July 28, 2020