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Payroll Management Using Microsoft Excel


Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) often struggle with managing their finances due to the prohibitive cost of intricate accounting software. Through the use of Microsoft Excel, our instructors will demonstrate a viable and low-cost alternative to this issue. Accurate and timely accounting is essential to the success of any SME, and this workshop will help ensure that financial management is no longer an obstacle to create a thriving business.


Upon completion of the workshop, participants will be able to complete a full payroll run using the tools Microsoft Excel has to offer.


  • Employee files configuration
  • Source deductions for employees
  • The social cost to the employer
  • Reports to the government
  • Creating a T4


This course uses a student-centered approach to best serve the unique needs of the participants. Throughout the course students will be hands-on with the Microsoft Excel tools being discussed, so upon completion their skills can immediately be applied to their respective workplace.

Payroll Management Using Microsoft Excel

Last Modified: March 17, 2016