Business Communications

Business Writing in English

In a global economy, effective writing and communication skills are an essential element in developing a successful business. The ability to write in clear, concise and correct English is an essential skill in most areas of business communications. Whether you are hoping to improve the quality of the correspondence generated by your organization, such as business letters, internal memos, and email correspondence, or you are hoping to improve the quality of the writing in your promotional materials, we will customize a training module to meet your needs. With the help of our qualified instructors your employees will develop the skills necessary to be more effective in their written communications. Dawson Business Training Solutions will also accommodate the individual employee’s needs by adapting our training to their level of fluency and to the sector within which they work whether it is sales, marketing, purchasing, human resources or any other area of activity.

English Conversation

English has long been the most common language of communication for business. For companies to adapt to the reality of the global economy, it is increasingly important that their employees have excellent English language skills to communicate clearly, concisely and effectively with their clients, suppliers, and potential partners. Our various levels of English conversation will provide your employees with the opportunity to develop their English language skills in order to make them more effective and comfortable in their oral communications in all workplace situations.

French Conversation

For businesses to succeed effectively in Quebec, clear and correct French communication skills are essential. At Dawson College we have a proven track record of helping students improve their French languages skills in order to be more successful in the workplace. Our courses offer the opportunity for all levels of students to improve their current level of French, within their area of activity. Our courses can help introduce the language to your employees, or serve as an environment for students to perfect their mastery of French. We are committed to ensuring that each course is tailored to the needs of the participant, and in doing so we provide the optimal situation for improvement.

Business Communications

Last Modified: March 17, 2016