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SEO: Increase Traffic on Your Website


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a critical aspect of maintaining any website, and the reason why some sites appear at the top of searches and some don’t appear at all. We know your company wants to be the first listed, and by using a hands-on approach in our workshops, we ensure that you will learn the skills necessary to do just that. We customize the material to suit the client, but no one leaves without acquiring valuable knowledge on topics such as keyword research, creating links to increase traffic, and the monetization of your website. There are fundamental strategies that make websites search engine friendly, and our SEO experts will show you how to use all of them.


Students learn to optimize their websites in order to achieve higher rankings in the top search engines, and help increase Web visibility.


  • Understanding the new search engine ranking signals (2013 & beyond)
  • Mastering competitive online research & market analysis
  • Setting up your profitable keyword game plan for increasing traffic
  • On­Page SEO: Planning out your best site structure for high rankings and conversion
  • On­Page SEO: Making Sens of Meta tags & page content optimization
  • Content marketing: Building your SEO content factory
  • Off­Page SEO: Link building & social media promotion
  • Mapping out and implementing your SEO action plan


This course uses a student-centered approach to best serve the unique needs of the participants. Throughout the course students will work hands-on implementing SEO concepts, so upon completion their skills can immediately be applied to their respective website.

SEO Increase Traffic on Your Website

Last Modified: March 17, 2016