Interactive Media Arts

Shawn Bell
Office: 3B.3
Local: 4810

Interactive Media Arts (500.F6)

The Interactive Media Arts profile (IMA) of the Arts Literature and Communication program at Dawson College will prepare students for entry into the increasing number of interaction-related programs of university study, as well as more general programs such as Fine Arts, Liberal Arts, Communication Studies, and Design.

The Interactive Media Arts Profile will provide students with a general introduction to interactive media art through the exploration of:

  • the cyberarts
  • interactive music, sound and video art
  • game design and gamification
  • app design and mobile media
  • tangible media / physical computing
  • responsive objects, installations and environments
  • participatory artworks
  • human computer interaction and user experience
  • simulations and modeling
  • interactive data art and visualization

Graduates generally pursue university studies in fine arts, intermedia, computation arts, and game design, and other fields in the arts, humanities and education. Graduates find employment opportunities in web design and development, interactive design and development, game design and development, user experience design and creative and applied arts, among others.

Students in this profile may pursue a “minor” in the subject areas of Music, Theatre or Journalism. In Music and Theatre, a minor consists of a combination of any four courses in that discipline. In Journalism, the four courses that make up the minor are Journalism: Writing News Stories, Journalism: Writing Feature Articles, Journalism and the Web, and Ethics of Journalism.

More information on the Interactive Media Arts profile can be found on the new Arts, Literature and Communication profile page.

Last Modified: January 5, 2016