Computer & Technology

Fall 2022

Course TitleHoursPrice
Adobe Photoshop – Beginner33$689Register
AutoCAD on Win – Beginner60$1252Register
Build Your Online Store Using WordPress36$626Register
JavaScript – Introduction45$1064Register
Simply Accounting (Sage 50)60$1440Register

Winter 2023

Course TitleHoursPrice
Adobe Illustrator – Advanced30$626Register
Adobe Illustrator – Intermediate24$552Register
Adobe InDesign: Page Layouts36$823Register
Adobe Photoshop – Intermediate33$689Register
AutoCAD on Win – Intermediate60$939Register
Digital Marketing for small and medium business – Introduction45$1029Register
Google Ad Words: Concepts Campaigns Optimisation15$343Register
Google Analytics: Advanced15$343Register
HTML -Intermediate24$576Register
Intro to WordPress: The Easy Way to Build Websites36$751Register
Microsoft Excel – Intermediate30$686Register
Simply Accounting (Sage 50)60$1440Register
SolidWorks – Intermediate51$1064Register
SQL – Advanced27$563Register
SQL -Intermediate27$563Register
Web Design with CSS3$480Register

Spring 2023

Course TitleHoursPrice
Microsoft Excel – Advanced30$626Register

Courses within Computer & Technology not available this semester