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Fall 2020

Course TitleHoursPrice
Certificate in Teaching Chinese Language-Part 230$230Register
Chinese Elementary – Level 1A30$230Register

Winter 2021

Course TitleHoursPrice
Chinese Advanced Level: BoYa Section I30$230Register
Chinese Advanced Level: BoYa Section II30$230Register
Chinese Calligraphy21$190Register
Chinese Characters – Level 1A30$230Register
Chinese Characters – Level 1B30$230Register
Chinese Characters – Level 2A30$230Register
Chinese Elementary – Level 1A30$230Register
Chinese Elementary – Level 1B30$230Register
Chinese Elementary – Level 2B30$230Register
Chinese Elementary – Level 4A30$230Register
Introduction to Chinese Calligraphy21$190Register

Courses within Confucius Institute in Quebec not available this semester