Non-Credit Bundles

Developing your Entrepreneurial Project

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Designed for newcomers to Canada interested in developing a new venture in the cultural and creative industries.

This non-credit bundle of 4 courses will focus on the early stages of starting a new venture in Montreal, whether it is a commercial business, social enterprise or project within an existing organization.

The training will take into account the specific challenges faced by immigrant entrepreneurs.

The courses are as follows:

  1. Design Thinking for Creative Entrepreneurs
  2. Digital Skills for Creative Entrepreneurs
  3. Customer Creation
  4. People, Teams and Strategic Partnerships

Upon completion of this course bundle, a student should feel comfortable:

  • developing a business model and customer base
  • utilizing startup tools and technology
  • creating and leading a team
  • leveraging strategic partnerships
  • securing financing and mobilizing other resources

Students should come to class adequately prepared and ready to engage with the teacher and fellow classmates. Ideally, a student should dedicate 3 hours a week per class for homework outside of class time. Successful completion of each course requires at least an 80% attendance rate.

Courses are on Saturdays, from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm with a one hour lunch break, starting on February 20th. The first two courses run concurrently, followed by the last two running concurrently.

For more information about the schedule and components of each of the four classes, and to register, click the buttons below.

*Please note that in order to complete the bundle, separate registration in each of the four courses is required.

Summer 2021

Course TitleHoursPrice
Customer Creation (Build your Customer Base)45$229Register
People, Teams, and Strategic Partnerships45$229Register

Courses within Non-Credit Bundles not available this semester