Abstract Painting- All Levels

Inspired by the techniques of Abstract artists both past and present, students will explore the versatile medium of acrylics and discover how to integrate it with various materials to achieve exciting results. Through dynamic exercises in painting, collage, mono-printing and more, students will enhance creative expression while developing skills and learning more about the properties of colour and composition.

Bring to first class:
Acrylic paints – alizarin crimson red, phthalo blue, lemon yellow, black and white, Canva Paper pad (9” X 12”), 3 synthetic flat brushes – 1/2” 1” 2” , palette for mixing paint, palette knife, water spray bottle, 2 containers for water, paper towels and plastic table cover

Course Price: $230.00

Not offered this semester.

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Last Modified: February 8, 2023