Chinese Characters – Level 1A

Prerequisite: Chinese Elementary Level 1A or equivalent knowledge

Textbook: Learning Chinese Characters from Ms. Zhang: Reading And Writing Chinese Characters (A) (Lesson 1 – Lesson 6)

1. Basic strokes of Chinese characters
2. The order of strokes
3. The direction of strokes
3. The formation of characters
4. Pictographic scripts
5. Classroom Practice

Price: $190.00

Spring Session

Evening Sessions

Apr 29 - Jun 17Mon

Monday, Apr 29 - Monday, Jun 17

DayTimeRoom Number
Monday18:30 - 21:303E.10

Additional Information

Teacher: Wen Shen
Course Number: 580931A
Registration Start Date: Monday, Apr 15, 2019
Group Schedule Info: No class, May 20th
Maximum Class Size: 15
Total Hours: 21
Status: Activity in Progress

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