Chinese Elementary – Level 2B

Due to Covid-19 closure certain courses dates may need to be changed. We ask for your patience while we organize the schedule changes

Prerequisite: Studied the textbook Great Wall Chinese vol.1
(90 hours of previous instruction or equivalent)

Textbook: Great Wall 2 (Unit 6 – Unit 10)

1. Review first 5 units of the textbook

2. Continue the studies of basic grammar
• Using “zenme” to ask for reasons
• Applications of adverbs “jiu, cai”
• Modal verbs
• Prepositions

3. Writing simple characters

4. Vocabulary applied to the following:
• Ordering in the restaurant
• Making a phone call
• Describing the living quarters
• Making decisions about transportation; finding directions
• Commenting on food and needs at the dinner table

Course Price: $230.00

Not offered this semester.

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Last Modified: August 11, 2020