English as a Second Language – Level 5

Prerequisite: Level 4

Overall Goals:
1. Develop students’ ability to use complex structures in oral and written expression through a variety of advanced communicative activities.

2. Enhance students’ listening, speaking, reading and writing skills to help them navigate effectively through social and professional situations including: describing personalities, discussing art preferences, elaborating financial goals, discussing changes in clothing customs, and complaining about social conduct.

Intended Learning Outcomes:
By the end of this course, students will be able to:
1. Describe personality traits and discuss someone’s behavior
2. Compare perspectives on world problems and discuss creative ways to achieve a goal
3. Express positive and negative opinions about art and music preferences
4. Describe creative personalities and discuss the benefits of art
5. Describe spending styles and express buyer’s remorse
6. Explain reasons for charity giving
7. Describe clothing details and discuss changes in clothing customs
8. Examine questionable cosmetic procedures and discuss appearance and self-esteem
9. Ask someone politely about something and complain about public conduct
10. Suggest ways to avoid being a victim of urban crime and discuss the meaning of community
11. Write a personal statement, a formal complaint and a compare and contrast essay.

Required Material: Student textbook (to be purchased after the first class)

Price: $270.00

Winter 2020

Evening Sessions

Mar 25 - Apr 22Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu

Wednesday, Mar 25 - Wednesday, Apr 22

DayTimeRoom Number
Monday18:00 - 20:302P.04
Tuesday18:00 - 20:302P.04
Wednesday18:00 - 20:302P.04
Thursday18:00 - 20:302P.04
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Teacher: TBA
Course Number: 510015
Registration Start Date: Monday, Nov 04, 2019
Group Schedule Info: NO CLASS APRIL 13, 2020
Maximum Class Size: 20
Total Hours: 40
Status: Registration in progress

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