EQ Adobe Illustrator – Advanced

ImportantThis course will be given online using Zoom video conference.There are no in-person classes.

Prerequisite: Adobe Illustrator Intermediate or equivalent knowledge

This course strengthens your knowledge acquired in Intermediate. After a quick review of the earlier Illustrator features (layers, color panels, masks, etc,) you will learn how to master type tools, importing in columns and rows, formatting and applying paragraph and Character style sheets, how to use a perspective grid, create complex illustration, explore more advanced Illustrator techniques, using and creating brushes, creating and applying styles, and optimizing for web.

Required Material: Students need to bring a 2GB (or higher) Flash (USB) Drive

Course Price: $60.00

Winter 2023

Evening Sessions

Mar 27 - Jun 12Mon

Monday, Mar 27 - Monday, Jun 12

DayTimeRoom Number
Monday18:00 - 21:00VIR-Non-CR
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Additional Information

Teacher: Bruno Campos
Course Number: 922048
Registration Start Date: Monday, Jul 04, 2022
Group Schedule Info: No Class April 10th and May 22nd
Maximum Class Size: 12
Total Hours: 30
Status: Registration in progress
Consult the complete course offering at montezdeniveau.ca

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