EQ Angular JS – Introduction

Pre-requisite: Angular is an advanced level programing language. Level 2 JavaScript, and intermediate HTML are required in order participate

This course teaches developers how to use AngularJS to facilitate development of single-page web applications that use the Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern.
Students will:
• Understand the design of single-page applications and how AngularJS facilitates their development
• Properly separate the model, view, and controller layers of your application and implement them using AngularJS
• Master AngularJS expressions, filters, and scopes
• Build Angular forms
• Write AngularJS directives
• Unit test and end-to-end test your AngularJS applications

Price: $60.00

Winter 2020

Day Sessions

Jan 18 - Mar 21Sat

Saturday, Jan 18 - Saturday, Mar 21

DayTimeRoom Number
Saturday13:30 - 16:302F.20

Additional Information

Teacher: TBA
Course Number: 922076
Registration Start Date: Monday, Nov 04, 2019
Maximum Class Size: 12
Total Hours: 30
Status: Cancelled
Consult the complete course offering at montezdeniveau.ca

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