EQ WordPress – Intermediate

Prerequisite: knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, PHP, SQL & Introduction to WordPress or equivalent knowledge.

Building on basic WordPress knowledge, this course dives into theme development so that you can have greater control over your WordPress website’s look and feel. In this course we will create a child theme based on an existing parent theme in WordPress and change presentation, and styling of your website. Techniques of good development workflow will be illustrated.

This is a code heavy course and students must have the skills of HTML & CSS along with basic PHP to fully take advantage of this course.

• Interacting with a WordPress website via FTP
• Explore the impact of HTML and CSS in WordPress themes
• Explore the structure of a WordPress theme
• Understand different categories of themes and picking a parent theme
• Creating and activating a basic WordPress child theme
• Using the developer tools to modify the child theme
• Adding templates to allow for variations on page design
• Adding custom menus to the child theme and/or a templates
• Adding Custom Post Types to allow for better information organization
• Import code “snippets” into WordPress to change / add functionality

Course Price: $54.00

Not offered this semester. Please let us know if you're interested in the course Consult the complete course offering at

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Last Modified: July 8, 2020