German Conversation – Level 2

Students will acquire a fundamental knowledge of the present, past and future tenses. Class time will include conversation and listening activities. Students will practice concepts such as prepositions, adjectives, question words (who, what, where, when and why), the comparative form and polite requests (including the modals can and could).

Required Material: Student textbook (to be purchased after the first class)

Price: $230.00

Winter 2020

Evening Sessions

Jan 23 - Mar 26Thu

Thursday, Jan 23 - Thursday, Mar 26

DayTimeRoom Number
Thursday18:00 - 21:00TBA

Additional Information

Teacher: TBA
Course Number: 560012
Registration Start Date: Monday, Nov 04, 2019
Maximum Class Size: 18
Total Hours: 30
Status: Cancelled

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Last Modified: February 25, 2020