Japanese Conversation – Level 4

In each class students will be shown key words and sentences, and grammatical explanations. This course will focus on developing listening and conversation skills as well as providing a basic level of writing and reading skills.
Topics include:
• Mode of explaining things
• Expressing an excess: “You must not eat too much”, “This book is too expensive”.
• Giving an advice or a suggestion: “You’d better eat more vegetables”
• Expressing that it is necessary to do something, or “must “: “I had to get up at six this morning”.
• Making a guess or a prediction: “It will probably rain tomorrow”.
• Potential verbs.
• Giving plural reasons: “Yesterday was a great day—a letter came from my family, and I talked with my boyfriend on the phone”.
• Express that something “seemingly” has those properties: “This apple looks delicious”, “It looks like the weather will be fine tomorrow”.
• Express the idea of “doing something tentatively,” or “trying something”: “I did not know the kanji, so I tried asking a Japanese friend of mine”.
• Express a limitation and a contrast: “I have been to Mexico, but never to Brazil”.
• Describe the frequency of events: “I go on a trip twice a year”.
• Expressing a “possibility”: “It may rain tomorrow”, “It is possible that he is not fond of dogs”.
• Covey advice or recommendation: “How about taking some medicine?”

Required Material: Student textbook (to be purchased after the first class)

Price: $230.00

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Last Modified: November 11, 2019