Machine Learning with Python

ImportantThis course will be given online using Zoom video conference, and Moodle.There are no in-person classes.
Prerequisite: Basic programming knowledge

This course will allow programmers, developers or any other professionals that hold basic programming knowledge, to learn the capabilities of Python in their work-related projects.

Topics Covered

  • Build executable python code using numerical and string operations, loops and functions
  • View how lists, tuples, sets, dictionaries and comprehensions are created in python
  • Create arrays in python and understand the differences between them
  • Build numpy arrays and Pandas dataframes using Jupyter Notebook
  • Examine how data is converted from its raw format to another format data and how to perform univariate and bivariate analysis on the data

By the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Make use of Python as a foundation to build machine learning algorithms (Simple and Multiple Linear Regression)
  • Analyze data using the Pandas library and ability to perform data wrangling
  • Build statistical graphs and visualizations using Seaborn and Matplotlib libraries
  • Apply the statistics and math behind the machine learning models
  • Apply Scikit-learn library for machine learning
  • Develop models to predict outcomes

Equipment needed

  • Access to a personal computer, connection to high-speed internet, and one of the following: Microsoft office, Google Sheets, Open Office, and Adobe Flash
  • Headset with microphone
  • A webcam

Course Price: $402.00

Not offered this semester.

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Last Modified: January 30, 2023