Managing Your Business with Quickbooks Online

ImportantThis course will be given online using Zoom video conference, and Moodle.There are no in-person classes.

Managing Your Business with Quickbooks Online

This course will allow accountants, small company owners and entrepreneurs that hold basic accounting knowledge, to learn the capabilities of Quickbooks in their work-related projects.
QuickBooks Online

This course strengthens your basic knowledge of accounting and focuses on the overall functions of QuickBooks.

You will learn the capabilities of QuickBooks in order to manage a business.

Prerequisites:Basic knowledge of accounting terminology.

Platform:Macintosh or Windows

Software: QuickBooks Online

Duration:24 hours


QuickBooks’ General Environment and Company Creation

Identify QuickBooks general environment: modules, transactions and company setup.

Determine their company accounting characteristics.

Create a company in QuickBooks.

Vendor / supplier Invoicing

Define common business terms

Identify QuickBooks expense workflows and the information included in a vendor/supplier invoice.

Create an actual invoice/expense in QuickBooks and review key reports.

Sales / customer Invoicing

Distinguishing the types of invoices

Set up a customer, an inventory list and a price rule.

Process a sales/customer invoice with an inventory (product and service) list and a price rule and review key reports

Bank Reconciliations

Explain a bank reconciliation

Process cheques in QuickBooks.

Reconcile in QuickBooks and review key reports

Sales Tax

Define Canadian and Provincial Sales taxes and set up taxes in QB

Generate tax reports in QuickBooks

File tax reports using QuickBooks

Monthly and Year-End Procedures and Payroll Options

Outline the procedures for Month and Year Ends and identify the corresponding checklists

Analyzing checklists

Setting up payroll in QuickBooks and Other Payroll Options

Equipment needed for online version of course:

• Access to a personal computer, connection to high-speed high-speed

• Headset with microphone

• A webcam

Course Price: $275.00

Not offered this semester.

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Last Modified: February 8, 2023