Spanish Conversation – Level 4

ImportantThis course will be given online using Zoom video conference.There are no in-person classes.

Prerequisite: Spanish Conversation Level 3

Overall Goals:
In this course students expand their knowledge of grammar and learn to talk about past experiences and future plans, as well as make comparisons and give advice. They also develop their fluency and accuracy in oral expression. By the end of the course students will be able to record past, present and future events as well as express opinions and preferences in a positive or negative way and in an argumentative manner. Moreover, they will feel at ease making an appointment, complain, offer and receive advice and present excuses. Attention will also be offered to cultural aspects of the Hispanic world.

Intended Learning Outcomes:
By the end of this course, students will be able to:

• Vocabulary activities
• Modeling and practicing short conversations
• Pair and group activities
• Pronunciation activities
• Listening activities (Listening for gist and for specific information)
• Reading activities (Skimming and scanning tasks)
• Grammar activities and games

Required Material:
• Headphones and an external microphone
• High speed stable internet connection
• Access to a computer with a minimum of Windows 7 or Mac G5
• E-Book: (to be purchased after the first class)

Title : Encuentros ¡El español para tí! Libro de aprendizaje 1 (2.a edición) – (For Levels 1 & 2)
ISBN: 216397 (Web 2 years)
Author : Norma Emma López Alvarado
Price : approximate price of $19.51
Available at : Les Éditions CEC

Course Price: $230.00

Fall 2020

Evening Sessions

Sep 17 - Nov 19Thu

Thursday, Sep 17 - Thursday, Nov 19

DayTimeRoom Number
Thursday18:00 - 21:00VIR-Non-CR
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Additional Information

Teacher: TBA
Course Number: 530014
Registration Start Date: Saturday, Aug 01, 2020
Maximum Class Size: 18
Total Hours: 30
Status: Registration in progress

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