2017 Edition

NetBeans Day Montreal January 12, 2017

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NetBeans Day 2017 was a success! Thank you to all the presenters and participants. Check back for details on next year’s NetBeans Day.


Dawson College will be hosting Montreal’s first NetBeans Day. Unlike large commercial conferences NetBeans Day is a community organized event. It is loosely based around a central theme of NetBeans that supports a very wide range of languages, frameworks and techniques. The event is free to attend (with refreshments) and targeted at professional software developers, students and anyone with a general curiosity.

You can look forward to:

  • Demo-oriented sessions, with as few slides as possible. Lots of code!
  • Many useful takeaways and practical Tips and tricks.
  • Sessions for Desktop, server and beyond using Java and non-Java languages.
  • Tips and tricks for using NetBeans in the classroom.
  • Lots of opportunities to speak to fellow developers and users.


More sessions are planned and will be added to the list. If you would like to be a presenter, then contact me at NetBeansDayMTL@dawsoncollege.qc.ca. Our schedule for the day is not complete but here are some of the speakers we expect:

Geertjan Wielenga

Geertjan Wielenga

Apache NetBeans and Oracle Jet

Product manager and developer advocate for open source projects in Oracle, such as Oracle JET and NetBeans. Geertjan will be speaking from Amsterdam.

Jérémie Lagarde

JBossForge pour NetBeans, créer un prototype d’application Java EE en quelques minutes

JBoss Forge est un outil très pratique pour étendre les fonctionnalités de votre IDE Java. Comportant beaucoup d’add-ons, il permet d’intégrer simplement différentes technologies.

Dans cette présentation, nous verrons comment créer facilement une application Java EE en quelques minutes et comment créer notre propre extension pour NetBeans. Relevez le défi!

Jonathan Perlman

Jonathan Perlman The Dawson Way of Doing Things: A Study of Our Path Using WordPress

Dawson College with 10,000+ students and 1,000+ faculty and staff has adopted WordPress as our primary web publishing platform. We’ve mostly had success, but we’ve also had our share of failures and growing pains. In this case study, I’m going to talk about how we started out with WordPress in 2010, migrated our main website a few years later to a multi-site install. This case study will showcase our development of WordPress sites using NetBeans, how we choose plugins and tools, and which themes we’ve come to rely on.

Kenneth Fogel

Ken FogelIoT without the Breadboard

This session will look at an alternative to developing IoT systems on a breadboard. The Grove system replaces the breadboard with a Grove Pi+ circuit board that can connect to a Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Edison and others. Sensors, actuators and devices are pre-mounted on small circuit boards and connect to the Grove Pi+ with cables that have plugs. Java and NetBeans are the best environment for working with the Grove.

Ioannis (John) Kostaras

Ioannis Kostaras

Java 9 and NetBeans 9

In this session John will present some of the exciting new features that will be part of Java 9 focusing on its new modular architecture. The upcoming release of NetBeans 9 and how it will take advantage of Java 9 will be part of the presentation. John has been a frequent presenter at NetBeans Days held in Europe and we are excited to have him present from Brussels.

Félix Roberge

Félix Roberge

Encouraging Kids to Program with Java and Greenfoot

There are many tools on the market all with pros and cons to help make software programming more interesting, but there aren’t many methods on how to get users motivated and passionate about writing software. In this talk I will illustrate my journey on how I was able to interest kids to Java programming.

Through examples I will demonstrate how I got them excited about learning to code using Greenfoot and show how simple it is to engage them in programming by creating a fun game while learning basic concepts of software engineering.

This session is for Java programmers, who would like to share their passion with a younger generation.

Constantin Drabo

constantin Java 9 JShell

In this session we will learn what JShell is and how it can be useful to quickly adopt Java and how to use it as a test tool. It will be also an opportunity to mix JShell and NetBeans. Constantin will be speaking from Burkina Faso.

Constantin Drabo is a software engineer and teacher in Burkina Faso. He’s the founder of one of the youngest JUGs in Africa (FasoJUG) and a regular contributor to NetBeans Quality and Assurance.

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