Environmental Studies @ Dawson

The Rooftop Gardens Project began as an initiative within the Environmental Studies Profile to provide students with the opportunity to complement learning about sustainability with hands on experience in work on urban sustainability on their home campus at Dawson College.

The Environmental Studies Profile provides students with the opportunity to learn about the dynamic relationship between society and the environment and the environmental impact of resource development.

Students will also address and debate issues relating to environmentally sustainable growth in an increasingly global marketplace.

The profile blends theory and practice through a problem solving approach that encourages students to reflect on the call to action: “Think globally, act locally”.

The selection of courses is designed to give student access to university-level programs of environmental study. A broad spectrum of courses will be drawn from a variety of disciplines including the Social Science disciplines of Business Administration, Economics, Geography, History, Mathematics, Psychology and Sociology.

The Main Objectives of the Profile are to:

  1. Prepare students to pursue university studies in environmental issues from a social science perspective.
  2. Contribute to the awareness of environmental issues.
  3. Increase students’ awareness of their environmental footprint.
  4. Address environmental issues using a multidisciplinary approach.

For more information on the profile, contact:

Anna-Liisa Aunio
Department of Sociology, Dawson College
Coordinator, Environmental Studies Profile

Last Modified: April 5, 2013