Who We Are

We are a diverse group of faculty and professionals who share an interest in blended learning. We meet informally to capture and share existing knowledge, propose solutions to common problems and discuss best practices in the pursuit of improving pedagogical practices. Our interests are purposeful and result-oriented.  


Pedagogical Counsellor
Einat Idan
Office: 4B.1-6
Local: 1408
Chantale Giguère
Office: 4C.2
Local: 4385
Mark Mattei
Office: 2P.21
Local: 4713


Fellows 2022
Merianne Couture – English
Susan Hoffmann – Humanities
Anne-Marie Legault – Interior Design

Fellows 2021
Phil Ghayad – Economis Dept
Jessica Lim – Humanities Dept
Ben Lander – History Dept
Anne Laure Teichet – French Dept

Fellows 2020
Sarah Allen – Humanities Dept.
Ahmad Banki – Economics Dept.
Mark Mattei – Physiotherapy Technology Dept.
Andrea Strudensky – English Dept.

Fellows 2019
Catherine Braithwaite – History Dept.
Daniel Goldsmith – Humanities Dept.
Selma Hamdami – Psychology Dept.
Reisa Levine – Cinema/communications Dept.


Rafael Scapin
Coordinator of Educational Technology, IT Solutions, Dawson College

Roch Ducharme
Director of CRISPESH

Effie Konstantinopoulos
Office of Students with Disabilities, McGill University 

Sarah Anthony
French Language Center, McGill University 

Alida Soucé
French Language Center, McGill University 

Paula M. Bigatel
Instructional Designer, University Park

Last Modified: March 1, 2022