1. Reading and discussing online teaching and learning pedagogy
    2. Identifying a challenge you are facing with your online courses that may be common to many teachers, researching it, and sharing your reflections and solutions with faculty
    3. Developing a multimedia portfolio on online pedagogy that will be published on the E-learning website
    4. Sharing your experience in online course development and implementation with the Dawson Community:
      • Presenting your reflection, challenges, solutions, and examples of online courses’ implementation to faculty
      • Offering a series of webinars to faculty and/or developing asynchronous tutorials for teachers on online tools or on efficient online learning activities based on a collaborative and student-centered approach
      • Being a resource person for the College in online pedagogy
      • Sharing your experience during Dawson events and conferences (Ped Days, SALTISE, etc.)
      • Sharing your expertise with the college network



Winter (1 release)

  • Readings and reflections on online teaching and learning pedagogy
  • Identifying a common issue with online teaching and researching it
  • Meetings with the E-Learning Fellows to get and share feedback
  • Developing a personal portfolio on your reflection, your chosen issue, solutions, etc.
  • Offering webinars to faculty

Fall (no release)

  • Meetings with other cohorts of E-Learning Fellows
  • Finalizing, publishing, and presenting your portfolio

Last Modified: September 15, 2021