Éducation à distance : Pour le meilleur ou pour le pire ? by Julie Barlow, Magazine L’actualité, 8 juillet 2020, avec la collaboration de Chantale Giguère


Use of Interactive Tools in a French as a Second Language Blended Course Using Videoconferencing, by Chantale Giguère, Prof Web, August 2013


New Model of a College Level Course: A Language Course Part Online and Part in an Active Learning Classroom, by Chantale Giguère, Prof web, Oct. 2018


An Online Course to Pass the OQLF French Exam, by Chantale Giguère, Prof web, Nov. 2014


eLearning@Dawson College by Norm Spatz with the collaboration of Chantale Giguère, Prof Web Nov. 2014



Journal of online learning and teaching – Blended Learning : An Institutional Approach for Enhancing Students’ Learning Experiences
Blended learning, which is usually viewed as a combination of face-to-face and online delivery methods, can influence students’ perceptions of the learning environment and, subsequently, their study experiences, learning outcomes, and ultimate academic achievement.  Joanna Poon (Deakin University, Australia) aimed to examine the benefits that blended learning provides to students’ learning experiences.



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British Council ( Teaching English) – Blended Learning in English Language Teaching: Course Design and Implementation Edited by Brian Tomlinson and Claire Whittaker

Blended learning is an area of ELT that continues to be of interest to practitioners in the field. Despite this, little can be found in the literature on blended learning course design or detailed descriptions provided of blends used in ELT contexts. This publication, which contains twenty case studies from around the world, addresses this deficit by illustrating blends being employed on EAP, ESP, Teacher Development and general EFL courses.


Evaluation for distance educators by Tania H. Gottschalk –  University of Idaho

When teaching at a distance, educators must address a different teaching challenge than when teaching in a traditional classroom. Distance educators may find it useful to not only formally evaluate students through testing and homework, but to use a more informal approach in collecting data.


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