Management of activities

While planning an online course, you can avoid a lot of difficulties with proper planning and organization. Avoid confusion by posting the schedule of online sessions far ahead of time. At the beginning of each course, specifically state your objectives and expectations as well as the kind of activities you have planned.

In order to respond to the needs of different learning styles and to maintain interest, you are wise to vary activities from one course to the next as well as within each lesson.

Given that online time passes quite quickly, a trainer has every interest in properly evaluating the time required for each part of the course and to allow time for questions, interactions—and the unexpected.

Once at distance, you soon realize that the course pace has changed. It is thus important to keep in mind the main objectives of the course. As is the case at times in intensive courses, dropping some of the less essential objectives to make room for meta-cognition and consideration of autonomy in distance learning may perhaps be more effective in the long term, this rather than trying to deliver all of the content. Yet it all depends on the kind of online course being offered. It is all about motivating learners who often are experiencing distance learning for the first time.

Last Modified: November 1, 2017