What is the Environmental Science Profile?

The Environmental Science profile is one of three profiles, with Health Science and Pure and Applied Science that comprise Dawson College’s highly successful Science Program.
Its emphasis on ecology-related aspects of science and its incorporation of hands-on field-based lab exercises allow students to explore ecological topics in and outside of the classroom during dynamic field trips. This profile appeals to those students who have a keen interest in science, in the workings of the environment, and a love of the outdoors!

Can I go into Environmental Science and then switch to another science profile?

This is not a transfer that is recommended by Dawson. There is no guarantee that the request will be granted as space is limited.  Environmental Science is for students with a genuine interest in ecology.  In this profile, students have Biology courses that are geared towards ecology rather than human biology.

Does graduating from the profile limit students’ choices to University Science Programs?

No! Just as with the Health Science and Pure and Applied Science profiles, students graduating from the Environmental Science profile are equipped with all the knowledge and prerequisites necessary to enter any science-related field in university, including medicine.

What sets the Environmental Science profile apart from the other 2 Science Profiles?

    • All Biology courses in the profile have been adapted to include environmental topics while still fulfilling all the competencies required for completion of a Science DEC.
    • Students are required to take the Environmental Biology course, which includes a compulsory 5 day intensive field trip in Arundel, QC.
    • Students have the privilege of attending seminars on Environmental issues.
    • Students in the profile spend their two-year program as part of a specific cohort (approximately 30-40 students), providing them with a sense of belonging and a support network – an aspect that appeals to many students attending a large college such as Dawson.
    • In addition, interested students have the exclusive opportunity to participate in an exciting exploration of tropical ecology in the context of a fully organized science-based 2-week field trip in Costa Rica during the January winter break.

What are the admission requirements?

Same as those for the Pure and Applied and Health Science profiles.
Please consult the Science Program pamphlet or visit our website.

What university programs can graduates choose from:?

From this profile students can pursue a Bachelor’s degree in such fields as:

      • Biology
      • Ecology
      • Environmental Science
      • Conservation Biology
      • Environmental Engineering
      • Forestry
      • Geology
      • Engineering
      • Architecture
      • Biotechnologies
      • Chemistry
      • Physics
      • Animal Biology
      • Animal Sciences
      • Veterinary Science
      • Medicine
      • Dentistry
      • Nursing Science
      • Occupational Therapy
      • Pharmacy
      • Physiotherapy
      • Mathematics

Last Modified: October 17, 2019