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Program Coordinator of Explorations Science
Sameer Bhatnagar
Office: 7A.14
Local: 4010

Explorations (081.62)

Explorations Science (ESP) is a bridging program designed for students who did not take advanced science courses in high school. Each term, you will study Physical Science, Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics at the introductory level, as needed. Your remaining courses are chosen from the regular college curriculum: English, Humanities, French, Physical Education and complementary courses.

Among the benefits of these programs are:

  • close teacher-student associations
  • attention to individual abilities and problems
  • integrated study of mathematics and science
  • improvement of study skills

Successful completion of the Explorations Science program may lead to admission to pre-university science or medical/engineering technology programs. You must apply and meet the criteria for transfer into the program in which you wish to continue your studies.

Last Modified: August 19, 2020