Tea and Talk

“Tea and Talk” sessions are held weekly on Thursdays from 1-3 in the 3F.43 faculty project room (ask for directions if you don’t know where that is!) for faculty and staff to discuss, in a friendly, informal setting, any issues related to Indigenous education. These are usually drop-in meetings, so you can stop by with a quick query at any point in the afternoon or settle in for a deep discussion. Bring your questions or concerns as well as success stories and suggestions related to Indigenous education, including:

  • Fostering Indigenous-Canadian reconciliation in the classroom
  • Introducing Indigenous content and pedagogy in courses
  • Promoting Indigenous resurgence
  • Supporting Indigenous students

We can also help you discover a wealth of resources in Indigenous education.

These weekly meetings will be facilitated by Orenda Boucher, coordinator of Dawson’s First Peoples’ Centre, Michelle Smith, Journeys program coordinator, and Susan Briscoe, FPI Curriculum Committee chair.

Schedule and Special Events

April 28: A discussion of Indigenous issues in Quebec’s French-language media, led by Humanities teacher Martine Gosselin.

May 5: Acknowledging traditional territories: What does this mean and why is it important to decolonisation? Join our First Peoples’ Coordinator, Tiawenti:non, and Indigenous law expert Anjali Choksi for this discussion.

Last Modified: August 21, 2018