Overtime and Hourly Paid Timesheet

  1. Make sure that the Human Resources department has all the pertinent data relevant to your education and work experience.
  2. Ensure that ALL sections of the timesheet are completed including: name, S.I.N., classification, department, budget code, hours and dates you have worked, your signature and your supervisor’s signature. ALL DETAILS MUST BE FILLED OUT OR THE TIMESHEET WILL BE RETURNED TO THE DEPARTMENT AND PAYMENT OF THIS TIMESHEET WILL BE DELAYED.
  3. Payment for this timesheet will be made to your bank account. Please submit a blank cheque to Human Resources with your name and account number on it and write VOID on the cheque.
  4. Timesheets and documentation MUST be in Human Resources by Monday at noon THE WEEK BEFORE PAYDAY. Check with your manager for special deadlines.
  5. One timesheet MUST be submitted for each week worked and should be submitted to Human Resources on a weekly basis.
  6. For the current pay, hourly-paid employees are paid for the hours worked up to the Friday of the previous pay.
  7. If there are any changes to be made to your name, address or bank account, then please fill out the necessary form in Human Resources. IT IS THE EMPLOYEE’S RESPONSIBILITY TO MAKE SURE THAT ALL OF THE ABOVE STEPS HAVE BEEN FOLLOWED.

Last Modified: April 5, 2019