5 Things You Should Know

  1. New School is a different way of doing Humanities and English courses. It is not a program or profile; anybody at Dawson can take it.
  2. In smaller “learning groups”, students get to shape the content of their New School courses and to engage with other students and facilitators in discussion around issues that are relevant to their lives.
  3. New School courses run once a week, instead of twice a week, usually in the late afternoon and evenings. (This eases some of the pressure from your day schedule.)
  4. Our courses happen on the 8th floor, in a more informal setting, with couches, and tea or coffee if you come early and plug in the kettle!
  5. You can take anywhere between 1 to 7 courses with us. These count for the same credits as regular courses, and you will see no difference on your transcript.

The difference is in the role you play in your learning.

Last Modified: October 6, 2016