Dawson historians cooking the past


Dawson History teachers Stacey Zembrzycki and Cassandra Marsillo and their colleagues Margo Shea, Salem State University, and Kate Preissler, public historian for the City of Holyoke, launched a blog last week called Historians Cooking the Past.

“Facing the daily challenges that come with living through this pandemic has led us to rethink how we engage with the past,” Stacey writes.

“In this vein, we have asked storytellers throughout the world to share food memories and a recipe that speaks to these COVID-19 times.

“If we can’t gather and share space, we might as well ground ourselves in well-told stories that provide perspective as well as comfort in good food. We view this temporary project as an old school, wire-bound community cookbook that’s now gone digital, and invite you to follow along.”

Last Modified: April 8, 2020