From left to right, Catherine Fichten (Adaptech), Liz Charles (SALTISE), Richard Fournier (Mathematics), Barbara Freedman (Dean, OAD), Elizabeth Kirkland (History) and Jonathan Sumner (Physics)

Dawson marks another banner year in research

Dawson College continues to set the standard for research activity within the CEGEP network with 31 active funded projects under way, including nine new grants, totaling over $1 million in external funding. These exceptional projects investigate important research questions across the disciplines and contribute to both knowledge construction and mobilization. You can read more about them in our annual research report.

Dawson has a long history of supporting and encouraging innovative projects that allow faculty to develop professionally, as well as support students’ success. There are also a number of non-research institutional projects involving many members of the Dawson Community that distinguish themselves for their scope and importance at Dawson.

Non-research projects, coordinated by Azra Khan and Daniel Tesolin in the Office of Academic Development under outgoing Dean Barbara Freedman, this year received over $800,000 in funding from sources such as the Canada-Quebec Entente, the Programme de soutien aux autochtones, and the Programme de soutien aux productions étudiants. For some perspective on activities in this area, in 2012-2013, $150,000 of funding was granted; the next year that amount rose to $502,000 to the current level of $915,000 in 2015-2016. A slight decrease due to the withdrawal of TIPSA funding was felt in 2016-2017 for a funding level of $800,000.

For the coming year 2017-2018, Dawson has submitted requests totaling over $2.5 million to non-research grant programs for projects such as Dawson College Learning Communities, Model UN, the inter-institutional community of practice on Active Learning –  SALTISE, French language acquisition through games and activities, projects combining peace studies and sustainability studies, and our on-going initiatives through First Peoples Initiative, iCMTL incubator, on-line learning in French, to name just a few of the 19 projects proposed this year.

New grants received for Dawson researchers in 2017-2018 include the following:

Liz Charles, Chris Whittaker, Yann Brouillette – PAREA, who will continue their pedagogical research on active learning classrooms in a project titled “Overcoming Challenges to the successful implementation of active learning instruction: How to orchestrate and leverage feedback to increase learning opportunities.”

Ben Seamone – FRQNT, who will continue his work in fundamental mathematics, in a project titled “New directions in the ‘cops and robbers’ graph searching model.”

Elizabeth Kirkland – FRQSC, who will continue her historical research on women’s political roles in Montreal, part of a team research grant on “Modernity and knowledge in Montreal, 1815-1985.”

Congratulations to these researchers for their achievements.

Consult the Research Annual Report and webpages for full details on Dawson’s research projects and photos of the Celebrate Research 2017 Recognition event.

Last Modified: June 5, 2017